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The new phrase in the design world is "Mobile First", meaning the hand-held mobile device market is growing fast. AboutWD designs with this in mind from the start.

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Your visitors are the core reason you invest in web technologies. Their positive experience interacting with your site will directly influence the decision to spend time and money with you.


Have you ever been left feeling more like a "bother" than a "customer"? Not here. We know that without YOU there is no US. Your questions are our highest priority.

About us

Local Web Designer, Columbia MD

Rob Goodwin is the primary push behind About Web Design. With over 15 years of design, graphics and web technology experience, Rob is an expert at creating technological products that solve specific problems customers present.

About Web Design is a small web design service located in Columbia Maryland. There are no big offices with expensive furniture and fake plants. Just a few powerful computers, a desk lamp, and a cup of hot coffee is typically all that’s needed. Working from an in-home office means customers pay a lot less money for the same, or better, service than what they would get by using a larger company with much more overhead cost.

Plus, being a small company allows our customers to be involved in the site construction process from start to finish. Because AboutWD is a smaller company we’re able to give customers unparalleled customer service.


Here are a few examples of recent work.

Music and Drama

In addition to displaying large and colorful images, this site does a great job managing mambers and displaing their profiles to the public. In addition, the site sports a calendaring, forum, and social media integration.
Website: www.WVMD.org

Safety Electric

(Coming soon) Built on a Wordpress framework, this eye-catching design features a large sliding home-page banner area. With a simple, but elegant structure, this site is both beautiful and functional.
Website: www.SafetyElectricInc.com

Core Transition

Built on a wordpress framework, this is a beautiful one-page Vcard website. Using special javascript, it has a great visual sliding effect for the main menu links. The content of this site can be managed directly by the owner using the very user friendly WP Interface.
Website: www.CoreTransition.com

MIDI Drum Files

MIDI Drum Files is an integrated Facebook/website/shopping cart. Based on a Wordpress code base, this is a very flexible site. Sales from this shopping cart are authorized via Paypal and transaction records are easily accessible in the admin area.
Website: www.MIDIDrumFiles.com

MountainView Church

MountainView Christian Center is a great site build on a Joomla CMS system code base. Joomla is a high quality, flexible, secure, open-source content management system that allows for unlimited customization potential.

Mill Pictures

Dedicated app for viewing up to date mill listings from MillPictures.com. This app was built for the Android platform using jQuery Mobile.

Worship Trend

Android app designed to track and report the trends in church worship music. Users can interact by suggesting their favorite music.

SEP Financial Exams

Delivering practice questions for various financial exams, these apps help customers prepare by quizzing them on difficult financial concepts.

Alumni Reception

Banner Ad to market an event in the Baltimore area.


Playing on the concept of crowdsourcing Rob created this event ad demonstrating the idea.

Career Fair

This ad involved creating a lightening effect around the various images to simulate "electrifying your career".

Info Sessions

Fall season being the theme, this image was created using actual indoor pictures which were then color processed to look the part.

Networking Event

Connect the dots effectively portrays networking in an easy to grasp graphical way.

Writing Workshop

Using color enhanced texture and blurred text, we were able to achieve this stylish look.

iSchool Teaser

Post production work integrating custom graphics with pre-recorded video footage. Intro sequence (with sound effects) created in After Effects.

Skyline Ford Demo

Created in After-Effects, this is an example of transforming still images into motion graphics in a 3D space. The music was composed by Rob Goodwin.

First Books

A concept piece, this integrates PDFs, shadows, music and text effects into a display in 3D space. Original music by Rob Goodwin.

Country Logo

Another concept piece, this illustrates the animation of a company logo. Set to Country style music by Stevie Ray Vaughn.


AboutWD Specialized Web Services.

We offer a variety of web service ranging from consulting to open-source installation and customization, to custom builds from the ground up. Here are some descriptions that might help you decide if we can help you

Web Design

Simple Site Refresh / Consulting

refreshMany times people/businesses don't need a whole new site, they simply need a graphical 'refresh' or some S.E.O. (Search Engine) strategy advice. Rob is available to consult with you regarding your site needs. Some reasons you might want to upgrade your site:

  • Make it Mobile Friendly: Standard websites are often difficult to view on hand-held devices. Make your site available to the ever growing world of mobile devices.
  • Add Special Effects: Using the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards together with jQuery and Ajax, we can change your boring static text site into a visually appealing interactive experience.
  • Give it a Graphic Overhaul: Just like clothing styles, graphics and layouts can look outdated and old. Sometimes just adding some new, well placed images, can transform the look of your site.
  • Create Added Functionality: Visitor tracking statistics, custom notifications, mailing-list creation, these are just a few of the many feature you can add to your existing site to make it more productive for you.


Open-Source Applications

Rob has years of programming experience with all sorts of OpenSource web application. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Content Management (CMS): Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle, Mambo
  • Shopping Cart Systems: Magento, OsCommerce, PrestaShop, Virtuemart, OpenCart, ZenCart, CubeCart
  • Bulletin Boards/Forums: phpBB, BBPress, Vanilla
  • Customer Relationship Management: SugarCRM, CiviCRM, VTiger
  • Other Solutions: Ticket systems, Live Chat, Photo Galleries, and more


Custom Sites

If you need a custom proprietary website built, I can do that for you. Everything from database design and information structure, to layout, graphics and special effects can be handled directly by me. In the event your project is too large for a single person, I have other specialists standing by to help get the job done right.

When possible I try to encourage customers to consider choosing and customizing an open-source software package rather than building a complex site from scratch. However, there are many instances where ground-up custom site builds are the only option. If this is the case for you, please contact me. I'm happy to help.


Mobile App Design

iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, WebOS, Windows Phone: What do they all have in common? They are HTML5 - CSS3 compatible. This is good news for you. Constructing your app in a way that is cross-platform friendly can save you time and money. Using jQuery mobile we can produce apps that interact with the web and the phone and bring your great new apps to the markets at a lower cost.

Native Apps: If you are looking for more intense, video game style apps, we can help you find a reliable developer that will program your app in the various mobile-native app languages.




How much will this all cost?

Initial contact and phone assessment

  • Free

Common Web Solutions

  • One Page Vcard website
  • Wordpress web setup (with custom theme)
  • Drupal / Joomla customized CMS system

Custom Programming

  • Consultation / Mobile Apps / etc - $70/hour


Have a question? Here's how to contact Rob.

Located in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon, appointments can be made to meet in any of the surrounding areas from Eugene to Portland. Live online consultation is available also via Skype.

By Telephone: 503-984-1443

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